Paintless dent removal, also known as PDR, is a fast and effective way to remove dents, dings, and scratches.

You won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on an unnecessary paint job with PDR. Before paintless dent removal, dents were repaired by filling dents with paint and fillers. Compared to PDR, the old method is definitely sub-par.

The paintless method doesn’t require paint or fillers and will have your car looking like new. The traditional method never fully matched the original paint and was very noticeable. With paintless dent removal, our skilled technicians will make the dent virtually disappear.

How We Remove Dents From Your Automobile

Once our technician does a visual check of the damage, they will decide which method works for the severity of the dent. The dent can be removed one of two ways; either pushed our from the interior or pulling from the exterior. An assessment will need to be made before determining which service should be employed.

If the dent seems to be problematic, our qualified technicians will use a special dent puller tool. This tool resembles a suction cup and is attached to the area surrounding the dent. The handle is then slowly pulled until the dent pops out. The panel, where the dent is located, may also need to be heated to soften the panel during this process.

The dent may also need to be massaged out. Our trained technicians know how to properly remove the interior panel, opposing the dent, without causing further damage to your vehicle. Let our certified technicians do it right the first time, to achieve the best results.

Dent Removal Tools We Use

Dents come in all shapes and sizes. There are tools designed, specifically with that in mind. Your dent either needs to be pulled from the outside or pushed from the inside. The tool use will depend on which method is used. If you have a dent that needs to be pulled, our technicians will use a dent puller. This toolkit was specifically designed to pull and lift dents while straightening the metal back into place. Here are the two different types of dent pullers:

Dent Suction Pullers

These pullers resemble a suction cup and will easily lift and pull your dent out in a matter of minutes.

Dent Glue Pullers

Glue pullers are similar to suction pullers. They pull the dent up and away from the damaged area and pop the dent out. Glue is applied to a pull tab and pulled slowly. Once the dent is removed, the glue and pull tab will be cleaned off, without damaging your paint.

We Also Use Dent Pushing Tools

Dents that require massaging out from the inside will need pushing tools to get rid of the dent successfully. Once the interior panel is removed, the technician will use metal rods, of different sizes and shapes, to push the dent out.

In order to massage out a dent, a series of metal rods, of varying lengths and shapes, are used. Sometimes up to 10 different rods will need to be used to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape. They include:

  • 2 ft Fender Rod
  • 2 ft Large Hook
  • 2 ft Small Hook
  • 3 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 3 ft Hail Rod
  • 3 ft Single Bend
  • 4 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 4 ft Hail Rod
  • 4 ft Single Bend
  • Big Bertha Rod

Additional Dent Removal Materials

We use only the best tools and may also apply heat to soften the damaged area. However, our technicians have more than just tools. They have decades of experience and a passion for what they do. They know what methods work best for each and every dent. They will properly remove your dent without painting, filling or damaging your vehicle further.

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Fantastic Service. I wish I would have called them earlier to remove the dent from my door. Really fast service and super friendly!

- Bill O., Madeira

Thanks for fixing my dents and scratches. You were very easy to work with and helpful. I highly recommend your services.

- Debra L., Newport

Like brand new. Awesome affordable service

- Marty K., Covedale

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