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Common Dent Removal Questions

Could I Try and Pop Out the Dent Myself?

If you have never removed a dent before or if you do not have much knowledge regarding the proper procedures it is best not to attempt to remove the dent yourself. To get the job done right, you first should have the proper tools. This can become expensive if you don’t know what to use. Second, you must have the knowledge combined with experience to do it right. The reason for this is because repairing a dent yourself can easily go wrong leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

Are Dents Able to Be Repaired?

The truth is that not all types of dents can be repaired. There are certain vehicle dents that are too difficult to access. Also, some parts of a vehicle have panels that are thicker than the rest of the other paneling which is more common in older vehicles. It is in these thicker areas that dent removal is almost always next to impossible to properly repair because of the thickness of the steel. Modern day vehicles are made with very thin steel and thus are easier to work with, but they are also easily damaged if done improperly.

Will Repairing the Dent Cause Damage to My Vehicle?

If the paint has been chipped or cracked then attempting to repair a dent in the same area can actually cause more damage to the vehicle itself. Paintless dent removal is the only solution for keeping your vehicle’s paint intact. It also keeps your paint job from getting scratched.

What About Those Dent Removal Kits Available Online? Can’t I Just Use Them?

The kits may work if you possess the knowledge and skill, but for an average user, these products will only cause more damage than they are worth. This is because many of the kits use the glue method of repair which takes far more experience to master than other repair methods. If you are ever in doubt always contact a professional for guidance and repair.

Can’t I Just Follow One of Those Online Tutorial Videos Using a Plunger?

Most plungers are simply too large to repair smaller dents. In most cases, the plungers may cause a problem rather than repair it. Using the wrong amount of pressure can be detrimental to your repair job. If you’re going to use a puller, be sure it fits the dent exactly.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Dent Repaired?

The average wait time to repair a dent is not long at all. If the dent is small, the process will be roughly 30 minutes to complete one dent. Larger, more complicated dents will require anywhere from one to three hours.

Does Paintless Dent Removal Work on Damage Caused by Hail?

Paintless dent removal can easily repair dents caused by hail. Most insurance companies select this option when hail is the cause of damage to a vehicle. In turn, it also aids in maintaining the value of your vehicle because the paintless dent removal method does not damage the paint in any way.


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